Jack Russells at work? Well, sort of

      The usual view of either one or both of the two terriers on their morning or evening walk as they work the edge of a wheat field hunting for anything they can find. As far they are concerned they are simply fulfilling the prime directive for Jack Russell Terriers, hunting rodents and preferably rats.
      There won't be a lot of rats until the ears of wheat begin to ripen, then things can get just a little bit frenzied but training and honing your skills, along with being prepared, is everything and that's Minnow on the left and Barney on the right.

      While they work away along the border of the wheat field I dare to sit down and do a little fish spotting in the dyke and this is the response I get. The close range stare and 'have you got any training treats handy boss?'
      'We've been training.'


  1. Wonderful images, what splendid Two Terriers they are John! Doing what they do best - into everything just because they can! I know exactly what you mean about the training treats. Great stuff, TTFN, Dickie

  2. Thanks Dickie, Min is almost ten and Barney is almost eight, we re-homed barney after Rufus had to be put to sleep at almost eighteen. Barney is a Mark 1 bugger and a thief too and Min is the feisty one, woe betide any dog who sniffs her bum.

    All the best, John

  3. Absolutely brilliant! Your comments have made my day and made me laugh out loud - it totally resonates with me and many other owners too I reckon. TTFN Dickie

  4. They do look trouble. Last photo is a good'un.

  5. You need eyes in the back of your head with these two. Rufus who was put to sleep at nearly eighteen could start a fight in an empty room. He squared up to Rottweilers, German Shepherds anything. I wish he'd played for Boro, Norman Hunter would have looked like a right pansy and Roy Keane? Marshmallow. The farmer at the back of us said he'd never seen a dog attack a steel gate to get at another dog. We don't make 'em like that anymore. Thank God! Life would be empty without them believe me. All the best, John


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