Oh no, not log envy again

      There you are, trundling along on a walk with the two Jack Russell Terriers and the little 'green devil' pops up on your shoulder winding up the envy meter. You've seen a stack of well-seasoned hardwood logs, a selection of apple, pear and cherry wood.
      Oh how beautifully that will burn and just think about the aroma of the smoke outside drifting away on a late autumn breeze. I don't care if the two Jack Russell Terriers have peed on it I would still love that stack of logs in my garden. Think about the sawdust too, even that will smell as sweet as a nut and, as a bonus, there's just a small splash of that heritage paint colour 'Norfolk Bog Door Blue' in there too.
      Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours logs.
      At least I think that's what the tenth commandment said.


  1. I agree absolutely and I haven't even got a log burner ! It's something about being stocked up and self reliant I think.

  2. Another convert, we keep three months burning in even when we are low. september is stock up time.


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