Strawberry fields forever

      The season of plenty continues to gather momentum and now it is the first of the local strawberries that is catching our attention and adding yet more pleasure to the dining table.
      The two farmers who grow them just tell us to help ourselves and take as many as you want, well it would be rude not to after an invitation like that. We've had the 'how-to' picking lesson; don't touch the strawberry just click through the stalk with your thumbnail and forefinger or middle finger. Touch the fruit and they won't keep as well, they'll be bruised and that's why supermarket strawberries don't keep well.
      So, now you know what do, and how to do it, if you decide to go for a pick-your-own trip to your local strawberry farm.
      Ice cream, fresh cream or clotted cream?
      Well we like them naked as nature intended with nothing added. 


  1. I have just done my worst with a punnet tonight - neat, no cream, couldn't stop! Suddenly the fruit has appeared like magic - raspberries ready, redcurrants coming on and strawbs too, caught me all unawares! Enjoy it whilst it lasts, TTFN Dickie

  2. I like my strawbs mixed with rasberries, cut up so the suger sticks, then add double cream. Oh, and a meringue. Or with greek yogurt. Or....I love 'em.


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