Swelling plums

      The plums in this photograph are immature Laxtons Early and they are the very first plums to ripen in the orchard. Despite the variable weather they seem to have dodged the hail showers that bruise and damage them when they are even smaller; the battering from the hail bruising the skin and giving the ripe fruit a spotty appearance. The plums still taste good though but just aren't as good to look at.
      Some rain and warm weather will give the fruit an early ripening and hopefully a bumper crop in about five weeks time. Plums to eat straight from the tree. Plums to stew. Plums for pies and plums for jam. Fantastic.
      The season of plenty is fast approaching and gathering momentum.


  1. Laxton's Early as in laxative. Ate over twenty one day, well you can guess the rest...


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