Very busy bees

      In the herb garden the bees are as busy as bees can be and the main attraction is the Thyme. At times there can be more than twenty bees on one head of flowers on a plant that is only the size of half a football. There must be something good in there for that level of attraction.
      The major topic of debate, and the question we can't find answer to, is that the if the bees are always on the thyme flowers does the honey taste, or at least have an undertaste of Thyme? After all you can buy Lavender Honey, Acacia Honey, Manuka Honey and Heather Honey so why not?
      To me it all just tastes of honey.


  1. Have you seen how much Manuka honey can go for John?

  2. Badger Matuka Waaaaaaask ?
    Sorry, I'm on the wine.
    Toodle pip.


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