What a difference a month makes

      Just over one month has passed since these potatoes were planted in very precise mathematical rows with beautifully chamfered furrows and now a major breakthrough has happened.
      These main crop potatoes have sprouted and are now in full leaf. Before too long the rows will disappear into one mass of green with this being rapidly followed by a wonderful display of pale pink flowers and before you know it they'll be harvested.
      We are well into, and thoroughly enjoying, the season of plenty but time is passing and the seasons are remorselessly moving on.


  1. You're right John. I love spring and summer but hate the way it goes so quick. Time is so relentless.
    When you see stuff grow from nothing so quickly I feel like a wide eyed kid. All that from a bit of warmth, light and moisture. Amazing. That's my pseudo philosophical gumby comments for the day. Have a good one.

  2. By the time August arrives, if we've had some hot weather, the leaves will begin to look tired and you know what is on the way. Autumn. Don't let it grind you down. Go catch some bass. John


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