You couldn't make it up

      A photograph taken by one of the Two Terriers roaming spies somewhere in England or simply somewhere in Ware. We apologise for the quality of the photograph but you have to be 'in and out' in a 'flash' on 'the job' like this so that you don't 'arouse' any suspicion.
     The Two Terriers always love a little bit of end of the pier and seaside postcard humour and this road's name is up there with the best. You could build an entire Kenneth Horne, Max Miller or Frankie Howerd monologue around this address and the, err, 'ramifications' of 'having it' on your mail.
      We can see it now, 'Beaver House?'
      'That'll be number 69 sir.'
      Anyway, you make your own up, we feel sure you'll be able to manage to 'get something' away. Nudge, nudge.
      'Please yourself.' Naughty.
      Luckily, or unluckily, it isn't in Norwich.


  1. Now you have started something....I take photos of any unusual signs or graffiti. Might have to post one or two on the blog. But Cockbush Avenue will take some beating !

  2. I love graffiti and spelling mistakes and unknown errors. Ratshit straps on the two terriers was one of the best. Get 'em up I say. John

  3. I am a few days behind TT, what a glorious post. I used to chuckle away to myself as I walked to college up a lane called "Back Passage"......another corker is en route to the River Stour - the village of Duntish quite often has part of the "D" whited out by some wag...I can't help but laugh! Captain thinks I am most juvenile...I ser a regular post coming up here!! TTFN Dickie

  4. Google strikes back Dickie, your comment has just turned up. Anyway what's wrong with juvenile humour? Nothing. ATB, John


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