Cereal for breakfast

      The wheat growing in the twenty two acre field is looking good. The heads are becoming heavy and bending over and at the edges of the field the wood pigeons are flapping the wheat down to feast on the ears, a dangerous way to find a meal for the pigeons.
      Two fields away peas are growing and this week some of those pigeons will be meeting some peas along with some mash, gravy and a drop of red wine, meanwhile the wheat keeps ripening and the combine is being prepared. No doubt the farmer is praying that existing weather pattern holds steady.
      There'll be cereal and bread on the table this winter.


  1. Puffed wheat for me.. stewed for the roach please

  2. Stewed wheat certainly sorts them out BB. Do many people still use it as bait? I do but I see no-one else using it. John


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