Meat and two veg

      Every year nature throws up some wonderful and bizarre shaped vegetables and here is a humble potato that has conjoined itself to make the beginnings of a triple tatty.
      It would have scraped beautifully and gone in the pan with nobody being any the wiser about its strange deformity and rather risqué view on life.
      We say 'it would have scraped well' but whilst my back was turned a Jack Russell Terrier swooped as quick as a flash and stole it, carrying it off to a corner of the garden for a spot of contented crunching.
      There's no understanding or accounting for the idiosyncrasies of a terrier's diet, carrots, beans, apples and peas all get the same treatment, given half a chance, and a half chance is all it takes.


  1. What a freakish tatty, ever so slightly rude! The opportunistic dog never ceases to amaze me John - I have had a Lab that stole whole leaks and sprouts when my back was turned (WW3!!!) and only yesterday a BT stole a nectarine to enjoy quietly in a garden corner! TTFN Dickie

  2. They'll nick anything. barney pinches apples off the trees and now they have discovered wheat. They bite through the stalk and eat the ears at the top, so you can catch jack Russells on wheat now as well as roach. ATB, John

  3. Steady on TT
    and btw , you are trending on Caught by The River

  4. What does trending mean BB? John

  5. Not being a yoot I am not really sure John. However your illustrations are getting a throughly deserved airiing on CBTR.

  6. BB, I'd better ask the children then. Is it twitter or Facebook or something? John


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