Pizza tray in the sky

      The big USAF airborne refuelling tankers the KC135s, and the E3 Sentry intelligence gatherers, have been very much in evidence in the sky over our patch of West Norfolk during this last week.
      They fly from RAF Mildenhall where they are based and we have no doubt that they range all over the world refuelling military aircraft and stealthily watching and listening.
      This E3 Sentry passed over us on a north westerly heading and we think it must be from the 488th Intelligence Squadron. It still surprises us that they manage to get off the ground and fly at all with the pizza dish that houses the radar sticking up above the fuselage in the way it does.
      There must be some serious in-flight entertainment up there. Maybe they are reading this blog as we write it, if they are they must be bored.
      They need to get out more, obviously.


  1. I reckon they got wind of your garlic John and are planning a raiding mission! Keep your eyes peeled! TTFN Dickie

  2. Dickie, If they are tracking the bad guys and sorting them out they can have a bulb!

    ATB, John


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