Putting the blacksmith on

      A builder is in the process of restoring a pair of terraced cottages very close to where we live and having cleaned away all of the tangle of undergrowth and weeds, a pair of lovely 'blacksmith-made' gates have been revealed.
      The finials on the uprights are a lovely detail as is the locking mechanism in the middle, all-in-all an absolutely delightful set of gates. Well apart from the chains holding them closed.
      Will they stay there when he's finished, who knows? Maybe they'll get sold for salvage but whatever happens we hope they go to a good home. In this part of West Norfolk when you lock-up at night they call the process putting the blacksmith on, so now we can see where the term comes from.
      It's a pity that that the seven bar gate on the left has lost some sections of the horizontals but for all that they are still a lovely bit of Victorian blacksmithing with some super detailing.