Something has to give

      A conundrum for anglers, but precisely what does the code mean?
      Does it mean 'No Fishin(g)' from this slightly wobbly old landing stage or conversely does it mean that there are 'No Fish in'  this stretch of river that runs through the village? We know it is teeming with small roach, rudd, perch and bream with the odd eel thrown in for good measure, so that's a lie.
      We reckon it is just someone suffering with a touch of the miseries and the notice is a pre-emptive strike just before the school summer holidays start. Seeing the notice means you can pretty well guarantee that the landing stage will be swarming with kids in a week or so who won't be taking a blind bit of notice.
      Well that or it will be floating down the river.
      "What notice is that then mister?"