What do you think of it so far?

      One of the Jack Russell Terrier's favourite places. It's an old wartime Nissen Hut full of redundant bushel boxes, potato trays and old agricultural equipment, otherwise known as paradise for dogs.
      At the cry of 'time to go home dogs, come on' Barney expresses his feelings at being disturbed as does the 'holidaying' Fizz by peeing on the rubble removed from the field.  Minnow? Well she is somewhere in the wheat field, somewhere on the headlands or down the dykeside ratting furiously and ignoring all calls and the whistle until it suits her to reappear. That is usually when it goes unnaturally quiet and she reckons she might be missing something and then we explode out of the undergrowth at terrier warp factor seven.
      When the wheat field is harvested there will be some terrier fun believe me, the rats that are enjoying feasting on the ears had better be right on their toes.