Who were you?

      This week we had a trip the mountains and hills of Suffolk with me driving and the boss in the turret, lucky girl, at least she was up there in the wind with the draught and the bugs.
      Anyway, while we were there we found some lovely, if well worn, Victorian christening mugs and here's one of them.
      Dedicated to Christopher John Rodgers in 1851 it is a lovely little bit of social history that stimulates your curiosity making you wonder what he did and what his life was like. Maybe he became a gentleman farmer or perhaps he became a soldier or administrator serving the Empire in the days when the sun never set and the globe was red.
      The inscription is a lovely example of hand-lettered copperplate using a brush and gold paint; very personal, very stylish and very classy. Altogether quite lovely.
      Now to clean the flies off the Boss' goggles.


  1. What a splendid fragile item John. Do you display these treasures at home? I wish The Captain liked all my old vintage bottles I keep finding! TTFN Dickie

  2. Yes, we do, they're on shelf on the stairs. The next two are beauties as well. ATB, John


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