12 o'clock high

      In it came sweeping across the blue summer sky. A hunting falcon is like a fighter aircraft as it closes in on a kill, well, in this case it's a swinging bait but this fellow stooped from half a mile away; it passed over our heads and you could feel the draught as he came within inches of our heads. Another treat for the grandsons at The Raptor Centre and I have to admit it was probably as big a treat, if not bigger, for the adults too.
      The Eagle Owl below, well, he was just as focussed but not quite as fast. The purpose is there in the thousand yard stare, his eyes have locked onto the bait and the stance is like that of a MotoGP rider. Look at where you want to be and you'll go there.
      Fantastic, believe me the Raptor Centre is worth an afternoon of anybody's time.