A winning smile

      While the two grandsons were staying with us we made the annual pilgrimage to the world of 'pig racing'. It was a heady and exciting afternoon looking at animals, eating ice creams and then the real event of the day, the absolute climax, two pig steeplechases; but it was the lovely toothsome smile of this contented pig that caught the eye.
      What a lovely set of tusks.
      Every time that the pigs race a handler has to run in front of them rattling a bucket of pig nuts but there's nothing wrong with a little bribery. My bet, the brilliantly named 'Chris P. Bacon' came in third and a fiver each way would have softened the blow of not winning.
      If you were on 'Hamela Anderson', in a manner of speaking, you would have been a clear winner in lots of ways.
      Peppa won and those short odds looked a bit dodgy to me.