Black gold and Barney's bonce

      The result of a trip on my own down to the orchard foraging for blackberries and on my own means being without my two capable assistants, the Jack Russell Terriers.
      The half hour spent picking these blackberries, or brambles as us people from the North East know them, would have meant another hour retrieving the two little buggers from the depths of their personal paradise while they chased rabbits and rats or any small animals.
      The blackberries? Well the boss is going to work some of her magic with those tomorrow and I'm volunteering to be the tester-in-chief of the finished product whether it is jam, conserve, jelly, blackberry apple cake or blackberry vodka.


  1. Blackberry and apple pie for me please.....although I think I enjoy the picking as much as the eating. I'm trying to arrange some autumn fishing with BB. Maybe bass, roker, perch, pike, who knows. You mobile yet John ? If so, lets arrange some dates.

  2. Yes I am, at great expense for a new bearing which just happened to be on the rear props haft. We've just returned the grandchildren so now for some fishing. The piking here will be good late autumn if we get some flood water and all the Middle Level fry are pushed up into a backwater. I'll keep you posted on that, meanwhile let me check the diary and we'll get sorted. Oldham tonight so UTB, John


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