Don't be vague

      Ask for Haig.
      A proper, heavyweight whisky crate, that arrived full of bottles of beer. The despatch label on one end of the crate says it was originally sent to Simonds Brewery in Reading  from John Haig & Co Ltd., Arches, Bishopsgate Goods Depot (British Railways), London E1 so arriving here by a circuitous route, full of beer, completes the circle nicely.

      Presumably the 'dumpy' bottles were the bottles of Haig with the dimple in the side that people used to save sixpenny pieces in for their holidays or, more likely, more whisky for the next Christmas. That was back in the old days of course when a bottle of Scotch might have cost you two pounds.
      Meanwhile thirty eight bottles of Dr John's finest Two Rivers Ale has been stored in various cool places to allow the sediment to settle and I have to find a new use for a piece of  heavyweight ephemera.
      No problem.


  1. Ooh! Very nice on all fronts John. 38 bottles of ale eh, lucky you! I have a similar box by Whitbread which is very lovely. The old Courage one I also have is riddled with woodworm, can't throw it out yet though! TTFN Dickie


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