Logs and OCD, again

      Right we are officially ready for the very worst that nature and winter can throw at us.  Be prepared? We are prepared. Fully prepared. The log stack is about fifty feet long and the neatly piled ash, sycamore and oak is all beautifully seasoned and ready for the wood burner.
      We think that all of that neatly stacked wood is a thing of beauty, an aesthetic pleasure. Put simply it gives you a nice warm feeling twice over, looking at the pile and burning it.
      What you might call a win, win situation then and now all we need is another stack that is for burning while we just look at this one.


  1. Blimey John that is a line of logs and a half! Did you need the spirit level or was it all done by eye? I jest, I too am a fully paid up member of the OCD log pile club - new pile, drying pile and then the ready to go pile. Don't get me started on kindling! TTFN Dickie

  2. I love cutting kindling until I'm knee deep in it… ATB, John


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