Nissen of my dreams

      Some lucky soul is restoring and rebuilding a Nissen Hut on a lovely new concrete plinth. Is it going to be a wartime replica but double-skinned for warmth and, presumably, each end of the 'hut' will be filled in with brick and be complete with doors and windows? This is a project we'll have to check on as time progresses and it leaves us with the biggest and most vexed question.
      What colour?
      Is it going to be jet black? Or will there be a hint and a nod to World War 2 giving the hut a touch of camouflage? A space like this would make a great workshop or studio or even a holiday home.
      Some people have all the luck, and by the way I'd go for black.
      The Boss says no.


  1. John - deep joy, deep joy! I have serious hut envy now. Oh the possibilities here are endless for that lucky soul who has a joyful restoration on his hands. I am now going to sulk in a corner. TTFN Dickie

  2. It's a hard life Dickie. Rod room? Man room. The world is your oyster. ATB, John


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