Seems to have worked

      There's nothing in the least that is cryptic about this hand painted notice. We get sick of seeing piles of refuse, carrier bags of rubbish and all manner of litter and junk dumped in lay-byes and ditches. Sometimes the refuse just lies in a sack or bag at the side of the road having been chucked out of a moving car.
      What is so difficult about taking it home?
      Well 'angry of West Norfolk' was pleased to see this at the back of a local public house so good on you Mr Landlord, your sign writing and message seems to have got through.
      That may well be a fag packet on the ground underneath it though.


  1. Do you remember the Milk Snatcher picking up litter in a park that her lackey had just emptied out of a a bah. ..?

  2. Thatcher the snatcher. Got rid of school milk, miserable elitist cow. She wanted to get rid of nuclear waste under Teesside and couldn't understand what the 'natives' got upset about. Fucking cow.

    Oops, on the soapbox again. John

  3. What a fantastic woman. Those were the days......

  4. She polarised opinion and got some things right. Not loved in the North East...

  5. I feel I need to clarify my position, lest it be misunderstood.
    Not loved here either !

  6. Did my dislike of her show? Some things she seemed to get right but boy could she hold a grudge but her handling of the Brighton Bombing had to be admired. Divisive to the last. That's politicians for you.



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