The first fog

      It isn't quite Autumn yet but on Friday morning it certainly felt like it had arrived early.
      After the warm and humid weather the overnight thunder and deluge raised the humidity levels even higher and in the morning we were greeted by a fog that took some hours to evaporate, in fact it got even thicker before the initially weak sun burnt it off.
      No doubt there will be more of this weather to come as September moves into October and the real Autumn weather arrives, however, the weather on Friday morning felt like it was right for pike fishing.
      Like it or not Autumn slowly approaches.


  1. You just cover yourself in wode and dance on the front lawn… ATB, John

  2. Bring autumn on, mellow fruitfulness and everything. It brings perch, conkers and all things brown

  3. Bang on BB, and Boro gave a goal away in the last two minutes of time. Bugger. ATB, John

  4. The Mighty Town top of the league this morning. I love autumn too, but still got summer stuff to do yet. All in good time, gentlemen.

  5. Point at home, shite away is not gonna cut it this season

  6. Boro are unbeaten, two draws away and a win at home but the managers selections and tactics still baffle the fans. If they only knew how hard it is being a supporter. They get and you pay, funny how they never manage to square that circle the Championship is going to be a bastard league this season.

    ATB, John


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