The green one or the green one?

      The boss would like a new car, something with a little more road presence than the present vehicle and a vehicle where she can wear her new black uniform, the one with the shiny silver skull and crossbones on the black cap, when she's up in the turret.
      We all know size isn't everything but look at the length and size of that barrel, not forgetting the .50 calibre on the turret and the GPMG too. Awesome or what. Three gallons to the mile is a bit steep on the fuel front but don't forget security always comes at a price.
      Servicing? Straight across country to the garage, don't bother with the roads at all.
      Right, is it to be the green one or the slightly darker green one? Of the two I prefer the one on the right and look at those two exhausts, they would certainly put the boy racers in their place. Along with the multi-barrelled smoke dispensers they wouldn't even be able to see the traffic lights, let alone race away from them. Although the boss prefers the one on the left, says it looks a bit tidier.
      Or there's the sporty one below, six wheel drive would not enamour you with the Green Party but don't forget you are recycling and with the 40mm cannon restored and back in the turret the supermarket car park would hold no fears about being dinged and dented.
      Mind you, the two above wouldn't have a problem either.