The show goes on

      A still, warm summer's evening and while we were having a quiet glass of wine the only real sound we can hear is that of the combine harvesters working in the distance; the kind of sound that can only be described as a muted, rumbling, white noise. In front of the house and roughly to the west south west are four very large fields of wheat and this is the first of the fields to go under the harvester's blades.
      The farmers and machinery worked until well after midnight, the combines cutting and storing the grain and and tractors and trailers providing a transfer and shuttle service to the grain store. Over the next couple of weeks the harvest pace will gradually quicken with more night work bringing in the grain harvest for as long as the weather holds.
      We may not like the idea of change but the season is gradually changing.


  1. Great clouds - you certainly have the sky up there John. It is autumnal. Even the bitd song sounds like a change in the season. TTFN Dickie

  2. This morning was really coolant, dare I say it, really autumnal. The two photographs above were taken on Sunday evening about half an hour apart. Doing any fishing in Wales? ATB, John

  3. Brought the fly gear but Escley Brook is so low! Amazingly a small Mayfly hatch the other evening. Hardly any flow and ankle deep. My small river gear not up to the Wye - got some good books in Hay though, that's just like fishing...that's what I tell myself anyway! Cheers for now, Dickie


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