Tree growing in Fenland shock

      Two trees actually and they are both walnut trees too. The farmer has marked them both with plastic electric fence post and he's softening the ground so that he can lift them complete with their root ball and transplant them at the end of his orchard.
      They'll both have to be lifted before the combine harvester comes to cut the wheat, if he doesn't get them lifted by then there will be some radical and terminal pruning taking place.
       Usually these walnut seedlings grow from nuts that have been dropped by the crows hoping to break them open for the nut feed inside so these must be the two that got away, most probably they sank into the soft ground and the crows couldn't find them.
      There you are, two new trees on the West Norfolk skyline, well there will be eventually.


  1. How cool is that! I have always wanted a walnut tree. There is one here in our holiday cottage garden and it's laden - would love to pickle my own walnuts, TTFN Dickie

  2. They sell 'green' walnuts around here in the autumn one pound for a kilo and they are delicious. Sue pickled some and after three(!) years they are really tasty with a pint, or two. If you would like some in the autumn let me know. Enjoy the holiday, John

  3. Cheers John, very kind of you! The thought of a pint with a pickled walnut or two in a bag of crisps is making me salivate! I'm the only one that likes them in this house! TTFN Dickie

  4. If we can work out how to get some ready pickled walnuts to you safely we'll send them as well. AS soon as the 'wet walnuts appear I'll let you know. Back to the Black Mountain. ATB, John


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