1911, a good year?

      Perhaps we'd better check the almanac to bone up on events in 1911 but we think the apprentice carved the mould for the scroll and his boss did the lettering for this plaque high up on the wall of a West Norfolk cottage. The plaque is showing its age through weathering and erosion but they are lovely bricks that surround it.
      The font has a certain style but the scroll looks like a rendering of a piece of pasta with the perspective all over the place, just to complicate the metaphor the swirls at each end look like the section of a Swiss Roll or a Jam Roly-Poly.
      Perhaps the apprentice had simply bitten off more than he could chew.
      I'll get my coat.


  1. I quite kike the rustic charms of his scroll TT - very much a swiss roll / jam roly poly scroll, but all the better for it - he probably went on to great things! TTFN Dickie


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