A bit of hot stuff in the orchard

      This is an innocuous looking plant that looks a little bit like dock growing happily at the edge of the orchard but what little tasty treasure it is, if you can be bothered to dig it up and clean and shred the root of the Horseradish.
      There is a plentiful supply of the plants in the orchard and also close to the side of the dyke, in fact quite a lot of horseradish grows in the immediate area but we never see anyone bothering to harvest this wild crop. Perhaps it tastes better out of a jar taken from the supermarket shelf or is it just too much effort to prepare it?
      So, the orchard gives us Grenadier and Bramley cooking apples to accompany the pork and it gives us horseradish to go with the beef, or the mackerel. Brilliant.
      The season of plenty indeed.


  1. Lovely John! Donkeys ears we call it, the horseradish leavrs that is. A WW2 gas mask helps when grating the root, but well worth the effort, million times better than shop bought and you get to clear your tubes out at the same time! You are right, never see anyone digging it up. TTFN Dickie

  2. love it, mix with a greater quantity of dijon to mahe a great combo


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