Edward Hopper's roadsign

      An airbrushed Dralon sunset over West Norfolk and with the illumination on the road sign we've got a modern Hopper image right here in the village. This photograph was taken after a day of perpetual cloud then in the evening, as if by magic, the skies cleared  to give a gentle sunset with no serious pyrotechnics, just a long slow fade.
      The spiders that live on the sign have spun their webs in the light just where the moths zoom in so they are Hopper's nighthawks and the sign is their diner.
      And the Dralon sunset? Well those airbrushed colours always remind us of colour swatches for upholstery fabrics, yes we know, sad or what.
      Time for a beer I think.


  1. Lovely. Saw a nightjar or another form of crepuscular bird several times on hols in Portugal or surprisingly as dusk turned to night. Whirring, sloping flight, right over our heads. The swallows were also taking insects right amongst us as as we swam in the pool

  2. Before we moved to West Norfolk I used to fish Farmoor Reservoir near Oxford twice a week.
    One evening, with about six really good trout in the bag I was landing one of about four pounds, the trout were really on, and a swallow took the top dropper. There were thousands of them chasing the midge and obviously the fly looked just too good.

    With a barbless hook he shook himself off and flew away. Another reason for barbless hooks. They work hard to simply survive those little birds.


  3. Top stuff, on the other hand how come bats fly into the line despite their radar?

  4. Never had that experience with bats, but the swallows were really swarming onto the midge that day.

    In the rain last week when I was walking the dogs late afternoon in the rain, the old Nissen Hut looked as if it was covered in huge flies but it was hundreds of swallows with hundreds more landing on the tips of the stubble and catching bugs. The farmer and I walked out into the field and found some non-flying small black beetles but no flies. They were obviously picking the beetles off the stubble stalks. The swallows got so close to you could feel and hear their wings. Quite amazing.

    They must have been filling the fuel tanks.



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