Growing iron

      Three sections of a field with brassica, probably cabbage, growing at three different stages of development and beyond the brassicas a dyke and then a field of spring wheat patiently waiting to be harvested.
      The winter wheat is all harvested but the damp and relatively wind-free weather isn't helping the harvesting of the spring wheat one little bit, because the wheat simply isn't drying out enough before the next dewfall or day of drizzle. Put the combine harvesters on  the crop with a moisture content above 16% and the combine clogs up with a wheat paste and simply seizes up. 
      Hopefully we will get an 'Indian Summer' with a sunny week or two and some wind to dry the crop and allow the harvest to finish. We did, finally, get the 'Indian Summer' in the last week or so and the cereal harvest is now well and truly home.