Housekeeping. Fenland style

      It is that time of year when the fields have been harvested and a bit of housekeeping needs to take place. Massey Ferguson style.
      The tractor belongs to the local drainage board and it was sent to Holland for all the specialist dyke cutting equipment to be fitted; no doubt that cost a lottery win to fettle. Anyway, within another ten minutes that dyke was trimmed and clear and a couple of hours later the whole farm was finished with all the dykes and ditches cleared.
      The boss is jealous because she didn't get to sit in the cab and listen to Pink Floyd, and she desperately wants a tractor, well I want a Nissen Hut but I won't get one. So that will be a Dinky Toy model tractor for her birthday or do we get rash and go radio-controlled?
      I know how to treat a woman, well it was that or 250 cartridges and some deadbait for pike fishing.
      A difficult choice.