Joe's Long and Joe's Coiled too

       As always nature throws up some strange plants and vegetables and here's yet another but this time it's a chilli. Joe's Long in fact.
      Some of the chillies on the bush are almost ten inches long but for some reason one of them has turned into a Catherine Wheel and it's not a very flattering look either but it reminds me of something.
     For those of us of a certain age when you went to the seaside there was always a shop selling novelties and jokes and one of the novelties was a very realistic imitation dog poo, all shiny and fresh looking. The one one you used to leave in grandma's kitchen and then simply waited for cries of 'that bloody dog' while you split your sides.
      It's that or it reminds you of entrails, take your pick.
      There's nothing like a sense of humour, apparently.


  1. Might be how your entrails end up if it's a hot tie.

  2. BB, these are just medium hot unlike Scotch Bonnet and the other throat and gut peelers. This crop will all be going into chilli sauce and the Jalapeños will be pickled. Lovely. ATB, John

  3. Lovely in a cheese sandwich John. The pickled chilli that is! You can still get those splendid joke turds in the "real" seaside towns of Weymouth and Cromer - we have a few that get placed around the place when we have naive visitors or relatives about - I still get The Captain occasionally, the old ones are the best! TTFN Dickie


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