Looking south, east and west

      Three different views of the West Norfolk skies from the south, from the east and from the west and all of them taken within an hour of each other.

      You know the kind of conversation. You sit down with a glass of wine and you hear 'ooh look at that sky, you should take a picture of that, it's wonderful.'
      Sits down again, reaches for the glass and 'ooh just look at that sky you should definitely take a picture of that.' Returns and sits down again, reaches hopefully for the glass, 'ooh, look at that sunset, you must take a photograph.'

      Sits down yet again feeling slightly dizzy and a bit like a fiddlers elbow and enjoys the now warm glass of white wine. The variation in the skies over possibly an hour give you an idea of how much you are aware of the big skies in West Norfolk and the beauty of them.
      Never mind at least there weren't any flies in the wine.


  1. Lovely! Never tire of a skyscape John...keep 'em coming. TTFN Dickie


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