The grey 100

      There's bad weather approaching and for a change it looks like the weather man is going to be absolutely right with dark grey clouds marching up from the South. Two hours later it was raining cats and dogs and by midnight we'd had 18mm of rain.
      We'd been out for a pub lunch, which was excellent, and we took the opportunity to check out potential areas for pike fishing; in this case the 100 Foot.
      When we've walked the dogs along here we've seen pike, we presume they were pike, smashing into the silver fish with such violence that it looks like pebbles were being thrown into the water.
      Today with the tide flooding all we saw were small rudd dotting on the surface but a check on permits and permission and I think we'll try it along here in mid-October.
      Can't wait.


  1. Me too. So much fishing to do at this time of year. Still good bass about, skate, cod, perch and pike. Not at the same time though.


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