Worcester Pearmaine buttocks

      No, not a West Norfolk school playground insult to an apple grower's son but one of those pieces of fruit or vegetable that instantly reminds you of something else.
      A lovely shiny Worcester Pearmaine that probably reminds people of all sorts of parts of the human anatomy.
      Open to interpretation you could say, make of it what you will, the boss thinks it is just childish humour or more simply, playground humour.
      Please yourself, I sank my teeth into it.


  1. Ooh err missus indeed. Does look like a rather nice arse though.

  2. Pearmaine, that would be a name. As in Charmaine, a particular Essex favourite moniker when the Scribbler and I were at school

  3. I think that Mantovani's theme tune was Charmaine. I may be showing my age with those oh so distant memories. I need my Sanatogen, or is it Wincarnis tonight. Never mind British Sherry will do.


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