Yet another

      More treasure.
      Another field mushroom and this lovely specimen was absolutely perfect. Once again it was hiding in a corner of the orchard and had hardly a blemish on it, so no insect or slug attack. This year has all the signs of being a bumper mushroom season so let's just hope it continues, there are cooler evenings and nights forecast with the chance of a little rain too, so we'll be out foraging with the two Jack Russells tomorrow morning.
      And the fate of this beauty? Peeled and sliced and served in a full English Breakfast for three this lunchtime and, obviously, with a pot of tea.


  1. You have yet to convince me of the bleeding obvious but i'll take vicarious pleasure in your hard foraged scofifng. Pots of tea I think. And as its a late brekkie taken in a big mug, scalding hot. And butter on the bread. Fruity brown sauce please..

  2. I'll get some magic mushrooms to put in the tea...


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