Against the wall and on the floor in Murcia

      Nine days holiday in the mountains in Murcia, fishing, eating wonderful food and drinking fine local wines while enjoying incredible hospitality.
      Staying on an estate where the buildings dated from the 18th century was a wonderful experience and the details on the estate buildings are worth a closer look, even if some of the fixings are not worth a closer look.

      The front step alone was an absolute visual treat with the antique tiles in a beautiful Delft blue daring you to walk on them but why worry, after all, they have been there more than three hundred years.
      Meanwhile you simply amble around thinking that would look good in the garden at home, and that, and that, and so on, and so on.
      Then there were the giant pots too, but that's another story.


  1. Love that step TT, fantastic! Sounds lovely! Big one tonight - Bluebirds v Boro......could go either way! TTFN Dickie

  2. The place was fantastic Dickie, some more to follow. ATB, John

  3. Inland Spain, away from Sky TV bars, English breakfasts, etc, is one of my favourite places. Great food and wine and the people are friendly too. Laurie Lee's "As I Walked Out One Mudsummer Morning" is the ideal read when sitting in the sun with a view of the sun parched hills. Love it.

  4. We've already booked late April next year in the same area. fabulous area. The Black bass fishing is good too!

  5. Sounds even more interesting. About the only good thing Franco did.


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