Anything dusk can do dawn can do better

      The view to West in the evening swiftly followed by the view to the East early the next morning.  Blowsy dusk and filmy dawn. Wonderful.
      The weather is holding good, but not good for fishing as far as I am concerned but as grandmothers used to say 'we mustn't complain.' The  Indian Summer rolls on and although there is a lovely temperature in the middle of the day once the sun begins to lower in the sky the temperature falls rapidly.
      In the mornings the cars are dripping with dew, the grass is absolutely soaking and a trip through the orchards gives the Jack Russell's undercarriages a good wash in cool clear water. Mind you they don't seem to care whether it is water or mud; I suppose they both have cosmetic benefits for the canine belly.
      Meanwhile simply look up and enjoy the skies.


  1. It's a lot colder here over the last week or so, since we gor these north easterly winds, i even put the heating on ! Our stillwater pike venue is fishing well, we need to put a date in the diary before the real cold hits us.

  2. Both OK for me. All down to TT now....

  3. No pressure then… OK, the Wednesday is perfect for me. John

  4. Wunderbar. It's in the diary. Will speak to you soon.

  5. I will go into the garden and cut a new bamboo specially. No expense spared.


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