Changing a wheel?

      Even up in the mountains in Murcia danger lurks, well, chancers and fools lurk.
      At the top a road sign that has been blasted with shell or two from a 12 gauge shotgun in what has the look of a 'drive-by' shooting with a road and footpath lying just behind.
      Nice pattern from the pellets though.
      Below, well that is even more worrying, about twenty five yards after the sign at the top is another sign, this one with damage from a high velocity round. If the shooter had missed his selected target there's a house and garden just behind to stop the round, just a little bit scary using them as backstop.
      I had a friend in America whose hobby was driving the minor roads across the US through his summer vacation and he used to worry about having to change a wheel out in the boonies.
      God and guns eh?


  1. We have a few Mad Frankie Frasers round here too who shoot the signs to pieces! Looks like a murmuration of starlings that first pic John - a Murcian Murmuration! TTFN Dickie


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