Mystery 17th Century puzzle

      We spotted this wonderful seventeenth century plaque when out walking the two Jack Russells in a small Cambridgeshire village. It was adorning the front of a lovely old farm cottage complete with a thatched roof.
      The Barnack Stone the building has been constructed with has mellowed over the centuries and the carving on the plaque, although eroded by the weather, has lasted well too. We can make out the capital letters: E, N, G, R, A, S, O and possibly a capital I and P, it's all a little bit M.R. James and Conan Doyle. 'The treasure of Abbot Thomas' or 'The adventure of the Dancing Men'?
      Is it a name, a code or simply family initials?
      There's no doubt, the old puzzles really are the best puzzles.


  1. It is very MR James John - creepy old tale that one about Abbot Thomas. I always think of MR James stories in the autumn and winter months..........super stuff! No digging here, Dickie


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