One run, one pike

      The second pike fishing expedition of the season on a grey, cold, drizzly and rainy Saturday afternoon but despite the weather conditions the water in the drain was still crystal clear; so clear that you could see three or four feet into the water and in some places see the bait lying on the bottom under the far bank.
      Somewhere in the system the drainage board had been reed cutting and rafts of cut reed were drifting up and down fouling the line and dragging the bait out of position. If you have an expensive and fancy reed cutter you have to use it I suppose. The only run of the afternoon resulted in one very fit and beautifully coloured and marked pike which, I have to say, I was surprised to catch with the total absence of any bait fish in the drain.
      I caught the fish off a rickety old disused mooring and as I left it collapsed to a watery doom. Thank goodness I wasn't standing on it.
      No doubt the pike disagree.
      At least the session wasn't a blank so the 100% record was maintained. Next week I'll be visiting a new venue that I've been looking forward to fishing.
      I can't wait.


  1. Cracking fish TT. I suppose the drain needs a week of rain to give it a flush out ?

  2. Thanks ES. That really was the only take of the afternoon. A good spell of rain and a flush out plus some pumping would be good, the drains are as clear as a chalk stream at the moment and I think the bait fish head for deeper water for safety. Sue and I saw upwards of ten on the Sixteen Foot fishing like a pack. The pike gear is now one rod, landing net and a 20 gauge O/U. John

  3. Lovely fish John! I fished the Avon the other day and could see 8ft to the bottom it was so clear - desperate for some rain to churn things up a bit. Good job you missed a dunk off that jetty! Ttfn Dickie

  4. I know gin clear is a cliche but that is what the water is like. Even BB commented on the clarity of autumn water. ATB, John

  5. Hi John, It's the same size, Even smaller than Valentin one's ;-)

  6. Hi John, similar to the Valentin's black-bas.;-) Alvaro is surprised.


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