The curse of the West Norfolk Werepigeon

      We have seen some quite large pigeons this summer and autumn but last night a 'pigeon' was cooing at the moon in the dark.
      Worrying or what?
      This phenomenon is a terrifying development as far as we are concerned; if pigeons like the moon maybe they are being affected by the pull and power of lunar influence.
      I can see the headlines in the local papers now: 'Man beaked to death on the Fen'. A witness said 'It were 'orrible, it were huge, it came out of the darkness in the orchard. You just don't expect that kind of thing around here.'
      Perhaps when we go pigeon shooting in the very near future the 12 gauge and 20 gauge cartridges will have to be loaded with silver shot just in case.
      I'll never look at a flock of several hundred pigeons or pigeon pie in the same way again.