The rock salmon are running

      A neat idea for a sculpture, a great big stone or maybe concrete fish right in the middle of the River Segura, highly appropriate. It's a good indicator of the water level too, if it is covered the river is in spate, well running high anyway.
      I don't know what the fish are that are native to the river but I feel sure that this 'rock salmon' is one of a kind.
      Perhaps we should have a giant pike in the Great Ouse, a barbel in the Hampshire Avon and an MP in the Thames?
      Answers, as always, on a postcard please.


  1. Great idea, get old Gormley on the case! His metal man on the beach at Kimmeridge in Dorset is brilliant - it fell over a while back and that also looks good. He said he preferred it that way! Ttfn Dickie


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