Two kinds of storage

      There you are, the big question is are you a sack man or a box man?
      Admittedly the sacks would be for potatoes or grain and the boxes for apples, onions or other root vegetables, in fact the onions fall between the two being bagged in mesh bags now.
      These storage systems from yesteryear were found in yet another old barn, or to be more precise, in some old animal houses.
      Have sacks and old boxes, not bushel boxes I hasten to add, got a value now? They do have some lovely period typefaces on them after all, well they're lovely to a sad old bugger like me anyway.
      Speak now before the boxes are used as kindling for the fire and the sacks are used as, well, sacks; or for lagging pipes 1950's style as the winter gets closer.


  1. Oh those boxes! It"s a box every time for me TT - great for storing the ale. The trendies pay a fortune for them. Bet there"s a rodent or too on that dack pile! TTFN Dickie

  2. The terriers love those barns, you have to forcibly drag them out. Minnow just stares, head on one side, listening and watching while Barney crashes around rooting and making a din. There's a lack of science and skill there. ATB, John

  3. I have uses for both boxes and sacks. As a thatcher,based in South Norfolk,the sacks are perfect for covering straw and split hazel wood,to stop it drying out too fast. And the boxes are great for holding tools,so much nicer than a plastic toolbox...
    If they need a home,drop me an email at
    Thanks,and love the blog,

  4. Nick, Many thanks for your kind words, when I next see the farmer I'll try and wheedle some out of him for you. Best wishes, John


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