Another day, another barn

      'Just you be having a good root around in there and see if if there's anything useful, anything that takes your eye if you like.'
      It all looks a little bit like Miss Havisham's wedding feast with all the cobwebs and dust and the sight of the cobwebs means the boss won't join in with the prospecting for treasure in the darkest corners. Staring you straight in the face are some lovely old sheep shears and in the corner there is what looks like an old diesel generator and a set of scales; heavens above, we haven't even started looking yet.

      Good news, when we've sheared the sheep we can knit some pullovers for the winter and the generator will keep the lights working if there's power cut.
      If there is any danger that the lights do go out we can mark our route out with the spray mark. How useful is that?