Fen Tiger seen in West Norfolk

      There are sightings of mystery big cats all over England so here is another, this time in West Norfolk.
      You can see the eyes glowing in the fog so it must be a really big specimen, quite worrying really. So, when I'm out there pike fishing the hunter could, quite easily, no very easily, become the hunted and they move like cats too. Quietly. A chicken wouldn't provide much of a meal but I would, a bit stringy perhaps but I'm sure tigers aren't choosy.
      Frightening or what?
      Tomorrow morning I'm going straight over there, regardless of the clag and mud I'll have to plough through to get there, right to the other side of the field to look for giant paw prints.
      The boss has just said 'don't have another beer dear.'


  1. I'm with The Boss on this one. Has this rain given the drain a good flush or do you still need a massive deluge ?

  2. I went out last Thursday and had one take, fish on for about a minute then off. The bait came back intact, just when you think you've cracked it you find out you haven't. Can't wobble a dead roach yet because of Eel Grass and an excess of 'underwater lettuce' but the drains are still crystal clear.

    I'm out tomorrow so I'll see what it's like then. Very few baitfish about too, that's not good. ATB, John

    1. If your drain is like the Stour then it's usually after Christmas when things start to look good. Plenty of time yet.

  3. Beer is food, bread of heaven in fact.

  4. The weed seems to be always there then suddenly it's all gone, it has to be down to temperature. Looking back it is usually the new year when the area fishes more consistently. I suppose it makes everything more interesting. Can you both email me your home addresses for a Christmas card. I was going to fish tomorrow but I'm sort of on carer duty with mum so it will be Wednesday. John


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