On the green line

      Number twenty seven, and the letterform is very nicely cut too. A Leylandii hedge in the village turned into a little bit of typographic art.
       We kept driving past when it needed cutting hoping to catch the owner of the bungalow hard at work with his shears, or petrol trimmer, styling his hedgerow type but typically one day it's all straggly and the next time you drive past the hedge has had a haircut and a typeface tidy-up has happened. A little bit like a beard trim.
      As far as we are concerned it's the best Leylandii hedge we've ever seen. West Norfolk topiary at its best. We'll catch him next time, at work with his shears and trimmers, you see.
      And we'll catch him green-handed too.


  1. Blimey! That is good and no route in or out for a terrier by the looks of it - who needs a fence when you have a hedge like that. Anything could be living in there! TTFN Dickie

  2. It must be ten or twelve feet high Dickie but he keeps it tidy. A bit of a local feature although it is on a quiet side-road. Being West Norfolk there could be aliens in there! ATB, John


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