Shelter from the storm

      Get a bloody move on man, that look says it all.
      We're nearly back home and there's a good old fashioned rainstorm approaching and Barney has a got a bit of a hurry-up on to avoid the good old fashioned drenching we're all going to get.
      Our older Jack Russell and master ratter Minnow is a little bit more cute, she's walking to heel about three inches behind my legs so she's fairly sheltered and I'm sure she knows that I'm going to cop for the worst of the rain.
      Never mind, we can always dive in the Nissen Hut and take shelter, the problem then is getting them both out again once the storm has passed over.
      Walk on.


  1. Rain, rain and rain some more. Then we can get some fishing done

  2. Dead right BB, a good flush and a couple of frosts followed by another flush. I went down the drain on Saturday, had one take that bit the bait in half and that was it. There were swirls but I think they were perch so I'm back tomorrow but I have to catch some live bait.
    When I got back to the car I couldn't turn the key because my hands were so bloody cold. Fisherman are as daft as football fans. Millwall, you have to be certifiable. Remember F-Troop?

    All the best, John.

  3. F Troop and "The Treatment". Don't forget Harry The Dog. Sod that for a lark, I wouldn't go there if the tickets were free. In fact, I couldn't be arsed to go to most football matches. I'll watch it on tele with a large glass of red and some cheese. Sorry, I'll get me coat.....

  4. Gimme shelter, I like the Sister's version.

    FTroop? More like Sanatogen Squad. Very tame macho posturing and strutting from mostly schoolboys. Now our manager has got the boot


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