Snuggle up to Steve

      Steve, the village skeleton, has put his summer clothes away and has got his winter kit on now. A flannelette nightshirt with a hood and some lovely home-made knitted booties to keep away the winter's chill. He's had his nightly cocoa, and I bet that late drink fairly rattles through him, but to save a trip to the bathroom he's even got a gazunda under the bedside table. All the home comforts. The table even looks like it could be a piece of trendy Ercol or G-Plan, ironic or what.
      His candle has got a spot of brewer's droop but that could be the cold weather, so all is not well, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt there because of the heat behind the glass could be the reason for that.
      Lovely tablecloth Steve and the back-drop is fashionable too, there's nothing like used, black agricultural plastic to keep the draughts out, a master-stroke.
      We look forward to the spring-time tableau.