The first fish in your stocking

      A while ago a former work colleague from the late sixties and early seventies, tracked me down via Waterlog magazine and asked if I was me, you know that one who worked as an Art Director and worked with me Stephen Cox, who was the Copywriter. Yes was the answer and Stephen was and is a keen fisherman too. All those years ago we used to fish the Grand Union Canal in Islington and Kensal Green, just behind the famed cemetery and gas works as well as the Thames at Hurley.
      After a period of emailing, reminiscing about the past Stephen wanted to talk books and self-publishing, here's the result.
      'THE FIRST FISH' is a collection of short stories about fishing and the people involved with fishing, the places, the idiosyncratic and the humorous and the mysterious and my particular favourite, ghost stories.
      The collection is a perfect stocking filler for an angler for Christmas and the stories are short but involving, a recommended Christmas read. Particularly with a glass or two of what you fancy to keep you company while you read them with the wind and rain rattling the windows or, hopefully, the sound of snow silently settling.

      "Anglers love telling stories. Usually these stories are based on personal experience. The stories this book, however, are entirely fictional. They involve all sorts of different characters from the very young to the very old, and beyond. Any resemblance to actual anglers is purely coincidental. One or two of the stories are directly concerned with issues within the world of angling but most address themselves to wider themes. Some are humorous. Some are sad. Some are mysterious. Several of them have been published in an angling magazine but here they are collected together for the first time."

      The collection is available from Zois Books with the ePUB version for Kobo, Nook and iPad costing £1.99. The .mobi version for Kindle is also £1.99.
      Absolute bargain.