The hiss of the roller. The smell of the ink. And a slurp of tea.


      It's that time again, that time when Christmas cards have to be printed; how is it that Christmas seems to be months away then suddenly it's just around the corner. Mind you Autumn does that too.
      This is the second card that is the work in progress, one more colour for this monochrome card and then it will be too. The pink corner just in the picture bottom right is part of the first and very different card. That card is now finished, dry and ready for folding and ahead of schedule too, so tomorrow some pike fishing calls.
      Time for another pot of tea I think, while I sniff the ink fumes of course.


  1. Cor! I like the look of it in there TT, what a den! Elevators on the wall I notice, like the sound of Robert Fossetts big show too. Great stuff. TTFN, Dickie

  2. My little print room piled high with books, prints, fishing tackle and 'stuff'. ATB, John

  3. Looks like a classier version of my man cave/tackle room. That'll be the subject of my next post ! Clever sod, what with the printing. Good luck piking.


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